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Five design approaches with Renato de Fusco

To commemorate Renato de Fusco's extensive and influential literary work, we have selected excerpts from an interview conducted by Francesca Rinaldi in 2011, the full text of which can be found in the book Historia del Diseño.


Introducing a new book collection: Perdigones

The collection accompanies and provides context to Galería Santa & Cole exhibitions while also opening the door to other reflections, spanning from urbanism to the philosophies of design or photography


Nina Masó. Escoger, mirar

Remembering Nina Masó, ambassador of warm light and co-founder of Santa & Cole. Nina left us on 27 February 2023.


Miguel Milá. (Pre)industrial designer

Madrid Design Festival 2024 presents a retrospective exhibition of maestro Miguel Milá, one of the greatest pioneers of Spanish industrial design.


Looking back through design icons

“Miguel Milá. Industrial and interior designer, inventor and bricoleur”, the retrospective installation on the work of Miguel Milá at Feria Hábitat Valencia 2023


Un encuentro con Miguel Milá en Galería Santa & Cole

En la conversación también participaron Kiko Gaspar, autor del libro; Gonzalo Milá, diseñador industrial; y Javier Nieto, presidente de Santa & Cole.


La Barraca. An encounter at the Real Alcázar of Sevilla

A journey from the beginnings of Santa & Cole up to where we are today. In this first Barraca without Nina, we pay homage to her in one of Spain's most emblematic places: the Real Alcázar of Seville, a World Heritage site since 1987, and presented the floor lamp La Bella Durmiente.


Strofa chiara, strofa oscura. Salone del Mobile 2023

Este año, Santa & Cole ha vuelto a Euroluce. Presentamos la luz como hilo conductor del espacio, mostrando una selección de producto de nuestra colección.


Nina Masó 1956 – 2023

Hasta siempre, Nina. Ha sido un privilegio convivir contigo.
Te quedas en todos nosotros.


Getting Closer to Antoni Arola

Born in Tarragona in 1960, Antoni Arola studied design at EINA school in Barcelona, graduating in 1984. Later on, he worked in several prestigious firms, such as Associate Designers and the studio of Lievore and Pensi.


Guess who?

Imagina a un artesano ilustrado cuya misión es crear objetos que resuelvan las necesidades de otras personas.


Outdoor living

Lamps and furniture that find their place outdoors, whether on porches, terraces or gardens.


Dressing the light

Lampshade ribboning, a process of industrial craftsmanship. Every day, four thousand metres of ribbon are turned into lampshades within our catalogue.


André Ricard. “El diseño invisible”

Un documental dedicado a la trayectoria del diseñador dirigido por Poldo Pomés y escrito por Xavier de Xaxás.


Open doors. Casa Rumeu

Un paseo por los interiores de esta vivienda familiar en Cadaqués. Un hogar proyectado por Federico Correa y Alfonso Milá creado para acoger recuerdos, imágenes y emociones de generación en generación.


Getting closer to Carmen Galofré

Galofré, painter and astrologer, a master in both disciplines, reflects on the human condition.


Getting closer to Sílvia Martínez Palou

Martinez Palau, a paradigm between art and architecture. Through her work, she depicts buildings inspired by the geometry of modern architecture.


Getting closer to Marcos Isamat

Isamat advocates for the creative power of graphite in an over-coloured world.


Nightfall conversations

A story that begins by daylight and ends when night falls. Sunsets by the sea, dinners in good company and eternal summer nights. We present portable luminaires whose freedom of movement provides the perfect company.


Art and music now join design

We enhance our philosophy as publishers by including works of art in our catalogue and, through Milagro, also musical instruments.


A gentleman from Barcelona

We paid a visit to Leopoldo Pomés' house as a tribute to Mediterranean culture, design and life. A home that invites us to reflect on our surroundings and the objects with which we choose to share our existence.


A conversation with Antoni Arola

The contemporary designer and the architect Queralt Garriga present a story shaped by light and shadow. A review into the artistic intuition behind Arola's designs.


Our visit to the last resident of La Pedrera

Ana Viladomiu, the last resident of La Pedrera, welcomes us into her home. A unique opportunity to step into the intimacy of a house, which embodies the values Antonio Gaudí conceived the building with.


The Designers’ Inspiration: André Ricard

Recently turned 90, we sat down with André Ricard as we retraced his career through some of his designs, including the 70s pop icon reedited by Santa & Cole, Tatu.


Celebrating André Ricard’s 90th birthday

We sat down with André Ricard as we retraced his career through some of his designs, including the 70s pop icon reedited by Santa & Cole, Tatu.


A conversation with Nina Masó

Santa & Cole's editor and co-founder, Nina shares her impressions on design and light through our company's beginnings.


Nina Masó

Editora y cofundadora de Santa & Cole, nos cuenta su visión del diseño y la luz con los inicios de la empresa.


Porcelain and light

Merging tradition and technology; craftsmanship and innovation. Discover the artisanal manufacturing process of our lampshade Cirio.


Mediterranean Story: Casa Ugalde, José Antonio Coderch

Enter inside one of the earliest masterpieces of the modern architect José Antonio Coderch. An irregular and open construction formed by unique spaces, which change beneath the light.


Parc de Belloch: the home of Catalonian design

Belloch is our headquarters, a large site where we are developing a research centre with a focus on communication and design, away from the buzz of the city.


Creators of Casa Bonay

Lighting project for the Hotel Casa Bonay: “The reflection of a way to enjoy life”.


Babel: inside the artisans workshop

Craftmanship and alabaster, two elements making Babel an authentic lamp. Handmade by the Sarral artisans, each piece is unique.

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