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The Designers Inspiration: André Ricard

Designer, intellectual, writer, professor and president of the NGO Design for the World, over the course of his indefatigable professional career, André Ricard has been noted for the design of both everyday and representative objects, including the Barcelona 1992 Olympic torch. Thoughtful and attentive to the news and concerns of society, he has been the focus of attention by authors such as Norberto Chaves who, in his book Un silencioso combate, (A Silent Combat), published by Santa & Cole, describes Ricard as a rara avis whom we should place alongside design pioneers like Walter Gropius.

We sat down to chat with André Ricard, who has just turned 90, to explore his professional career through some of his designs, including Tatu, the 1970s pop icon re-edited by Santa & Cole.

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