Design Biographies

Monographs on designers whose work should be a point of reference for present and future generations. The texts, commissioned from great connoisseurs of the biographies, recover the experiences of consecrated creators of the twentieth and twenty-first centuries, with the dual purpose of reinforcing a memory that is sometimes in danger and of proposing a critical debate that stimulates future contributions in the field of industrial design, beyond trends.

Fertile Eyes

Essays with a broader and freer subject matter, with essays on design and reflections of a more sociological or even philosophical orientation. The link between these works is that they raise questions about the established, that they analyse the values of today’s society and that they reflect on the historical trend of our everyday life.


An ambitious collection of essays on the theory and history of management policy, published in collaboration with the prestigious ESADE Business School. These are selected titles by the most internationally renowned authors in the field. This collection aims to promote quality literature on management, which has been scarce until now.