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Miguel Milá. (Pre)industrial designer

Madrid Design Festival 2024 presents a retrospective of the master Miguel Milá, one of the greatest pioneers of Spanish industrial design whose influence lives on.

Intertwining his personal career and creations, the exhibition Miguel Milá. (Pre)industrial designer houses more than 200 original pieces, plans and original drawings. From prototypes to his most recent works, the exhibition will be on show at the Fernán Gómez. Centro Cultural de la Villa from 9 February 2024.


Curated by Claudia Oliva and Gonzalo Milá, the exhibition tour immerses us in Milá’s life, career and fundamental principles of design. From his family origins to his first steps as an interior designer, to his incursion as a publisher and his notable participation in various companies.


With the support of Santa & Cole, the exhibition invites visitors to immerse themselves in the creative mind of Milá, revealing how his influence has left a distinctive mark on the evolution of our environment. It delves into his workshop, highlighting the value and use of artisanal processes. It examines the domestic context as a continuous source of inspiration and the self-commissioning as the catalyst for many of his prominent designs.


With the collaboration of Urbidermis, A special section is devoted to the impact that Milá’s work has had on public and urban space, where the principles of comfort and efficiency have enriched the way we live.


Miguel Milá. (Pre)industrial designer is a tribute to the creative vision and enduring contribution to the world of design.


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