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Estadio Singular

Miguel Milá


Estadio Singular


Miguel Milá

Miguel Milá, an interior designer, inventor and bricoleur, and a pioneer in his field in Spain, began working in the 1950s. With objects, resources and raw materials hard to come by at that time, Milá started designing his own furniture and lamps and soon set up his own company, Tramo (from the Spanish Tra-bajos Mo-lestos, ‘Annoying Jobs’). Many of his pieces have become true contemporary classics. In 2016, the Spanish Ministry of Education and Culture in Spain awarded him the Gold Medal for Merit in Fine Arts. He has won numerous ADI awards (Barcelona), the first Spanish National Design Award (tied with André Ricard), and the ADI Compasso d’Oro for Lifetime Achievements.

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Miguel Milá

 |  2023

To simplify alludes to investigating the essence of a product. While preserving its traditional character, the Estadio family evolves from the ring to a single, simple column to satisfy new functions. A discreet aluminium body, in black or white, holds the historic glass brick.

Solid and adapted for outdoor use, its repetition delimits the perimeter and points the way forward, both inside and out.

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