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The reflection of light

Lámina, Antoni Arola

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Marcos Isamat. Sencillamente dibujo

Both exhibitions showcase the work of Marcos Isamat, whose pencil-based creations transcend the simple technique to become a meeting place between nature and abstraction. Featuring twenty-seven new works by the artist, the exhibitions include original pieces and Neoseries, Santa & Cole's art editions, which allow for the exhibition's ubiquity.

Galería Santa & Cole Barcelona

from May 30 to September 30

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Galería Santa & Cole Ciudad de México

from June 19 to October 30

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Lamps that find their place outdoors, whether on porches, terraces or gardens.

Made of water-resistant materials for outdoor use and batteries designed to keep you company inlife outside, our collection is composed of iconic pieces and contemporary designs.

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Básica Mínima Batería

Equipo Santa & Cole, Santiago Roqueta

Table lamps

Cestita Alubat

Miguel Milá

Table lamps

Cestita Batería

Miguel Milá

Table lamps


Enric Sòria, Jordi Garcés

Table lamps


Our team works with you to ensure the right atmosphere for your project

Together, we domesticate light in everyday scenes to create atmospheres and sensations, day and night.

Project Consultancy

Galería Santa & Cole

Galería Santa & Cole is our physical terminal, the place where we convey our material culture. Each space is a unique opportunity for understanding and experiencing our design, art and book editions, establishing meaningful connections with each city hosting our galleries.

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Galería Santa & Cole Barcelona
Galería Santa & Cole Mexico City
Galería Santa & Cole New York
Galería Santa & Cole Belloch

Editing books since 1991

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Introducing a new book collection: Perdigones

Arose in the wake of the opening of the Galería Santa & Cole in Barcelona, this pocket book collection accompanies and provides context to exhibitions while also opening the door to other reflections, spanning from urbanism to the philosophies of design or photography. 

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La obra de arte en la era de su reproducibilidad técnica

Walter Benjamin


Tramas arquitectónicas de Barcelona
Miguel Milá: Emocionar con lo simple

Anna Calvera



Brossa, editor of the everyday

The exhibition "Brossa, editor of the everyday", designed and curated by Antoni Arola, displays Joan Brossa's serialised works in a poetic dialogue with light.


Joan Brossa


Poema visual, 1988

Artworks on display at the exhibition "Brossa, editor of the everyday"

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Five design approaches with Renato de Fusco

To commemorate Renato de Fusco's extensive and influential literary work, we have selected excerpts from an interview conducted by Francesca Rinaldi in 2011, the full text of which can be found in the book Historia del Diseño.

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Recently added projects

Discover different scenes and spaces in which our lamps and furniture find their place.

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Madrid, España

Espacio Maximale


Henningsvær, Noruega



Barcelona, Spain

VASTO Gallery

Cultural, Residential

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