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Dos Miradas – Tito Dalmau y Santi Caralt

The gazes of Tito Dalmau (Barcelona, 1948) and Santi Caralt (Barcelona, 1965) are captured in their photographs representing places, cultures and people that could refer to different moments despite coexisting in the same1: Rajasthan and Cuba. The light of these two places, their vivid colors and textures guide us through this exhibition allowing us to immerse ourselves in their realities.

The spaces portrayed by Santi Caralt seem at first sight empty scenographies, but hey are filled with the traces of a presence which is alive and timeless. They dialogue with the exultant scenes of Rajasthan photographed by Tito Dalmau. His photographs invite us to participate in meetings and relationships of an everyday life that happens amongst saris and strong tradition.

Tuesday to Saturday, from 11am to 2:30pm and 3:30 pm to 8pm
Rosselló 256, Barcelona


Galería Santa & Cole Barcelona

Camera Obscura Workshop with Montse Campins

3 of March 2022

Galería Santa & Cole - Barcelona, España

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