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Montse Campins. La cadencia del cian.

7 of October 2021 - 20 of November 2021

Galería Santa & Cole Barcelona

In La Cadencia del Cian, Montse Campins articulates through the repetition of the image a rhythm through which to navigate and find in each duplication a new read different from the one found at first sight. Doubting whether what is repeated is the same or whether it is an illusion that changes as we walk through the exhibition immerses us in a cyclical temporal space that hypnotises us.

Montse Campins uses cyanotype, an ancient printing technique in which the intense Prussian blue dominates, giving the process its name of cyan. A blue that takes us back to the Mediterranean, to the daily life of the celestial dome. A technique in which the future images are exposed to the sun, like that routine gesture of feeling the warmth of the rays of sunshine on the face, which in this case allows the image to blossom. As basic as going out to “drink the sun” and take in its nutrients, this is how artisanal the process is.

It is not trivial that we also find in the exhibition the series Travelling with Olga, photographs of hidden places, suspended natures, extensive beaches, which work as a conceptual axle and give us the clues to read the photographs as if they were all landscapes, with the dynamism and mystery that surround them.

Just as there is only one “photographer’s eye”, what is more complex is to find one’s own. Montse Campins has the one that discovers, manipulates, imagines, waits, snoops, and creates, testing the imagination and expanding it more and more by the hand of the ancient practices of the past and the future that we cannot yet verbalise.

Claudia Segura


Galería Santa & Cole Barcelona

A walk through new worlds

7 of October 2021 - 20 of November 2021

Galería Santa & Cole - Barcelona, España

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