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Klas Ernflo – Legs with Shoes

2 of February 2023 - 24 of March 2023

Galería Santa & Cole Barcelona

Klas Ernflo's (Stockholm, 1975) work is an intriguing visual puzzle resulting from a spontaneous yet introspective process. With a constant reference to nature and clear allusions to is native Sweden, the artist casts a positive gaze through organic figures and a very significant use of colour, so flat and clean it may appear digital. The pictogram-like figures and objects suggest a message that is as simple as it is cryptic.

Legs with Shoes is an ode to the beauty and simplicity of objects which, intertwined with elements of nature, are simultaneously witnesses and part of our everyday lives.


Galería Santa & Cole Barcelona

Montse Campins. La cadencia del cian.

2 of February 2023 - 24 of March 2023

Galería Santa & Cole - Barcelona, España

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