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Villa AM

Designed by MESURA
Photography by Marina Denisova

"Architecture is part of the land it inhabits" (Mesura)

Tradition and modernity come together in this unique project by Mesura in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. Villa AM results from a deep understanding of Saudi values and beliefs, as well as vernacular architecture.

Driven by the local culture and climate, the housing responds to the current needs of a city that breathes change and modernisation. The studio suggests a rethinking of domestic architecture; the innovative L-form respects the privacy and hospitality of traditional Arab homes. A union between the family and its guests, whose meeting point is in the oasis of the central garden.

High walls, play of walls, patios and exterior corridors. Villa AM seeks shade and breeze. In a place strongly conditioned by high temperatures, passive systems help to create comfortable environments and to cool the residence naturally.

"The light in Jeddah has a different impact. The sun's rays easily break through the windows and strike the interiors of the house in an overwhelming way" (Mesura).

A beautiful journey through the light of the different times of the day, which falls freely in every corner of the house. The Santa & Cole luminaires support the natural lighting in the succession of atmospheres. Suspension lamps, both designed by Antoni Arola, Lámina and Cirio, are a great addition to the table with a variety of compositions. Sober and with character, they provide placid light without dazzling.

On or off, the floor lamp TMD and the table lamp Cesta Metálica bring warmth and emotion to interiors. Gently illuminating living rooms, Miguel Milá's pieces blend into the contemporary style of spaces in an unusual way.


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Cesta Metálica

Lámina 45 / 85

Cirio Lineal

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