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Barcelona, Spain

Designed by Isern Serra
Photography by Coke Bartrina

A celebration of the wonders of nature.

A project designed by Nuria Val, co-founder and creative director of ROWSE, and the interior designer Isern Serra. Located in the heart of Barcelona, these industrial premises have been transformed into an open space for creation and experimentation, a sincere reflection of the values of the natural cosmetics firm.

Designed to simultaneously house an office, a showroom and an art gallery, it succeeds with ease in its mission. It is a charming place to visit. Essentially Mediterranean, it is inspired by local architecture, where pure white permeates walls, ceilings and floors. Deliberate hints of color are concentrated in three elements: the large terracotta vase by Robbie Whitehead and, Serra's signature, the built-in sofa in green emerald velvet and a precious olive tree integrated into the same structure.

"With natural light being one of the studio's hallmarks, we worked with Clara Quintana Studio and Santa & Cole to add extra warmth through lighting" (ROWSE).

The selection of luminaires delimits and relates the different areas of the studio. Through the passage between rooms, Nagoya, a piece of subtle elegance. Tekiò welcomes the living area, where a sculptural Babel and the Singular wall lamp brings tenuousness to relaxed encounters.

Above the marble table with a wooden base by Heaps & Woods, a GT lamp with a green ribbon shade spreads light over the workspace. Among magnificent plants and flowers, the brand's main ingredients, there is a display of its products. Suspended to illuminate their range of products, Lámina, defends the effectiveness of reflected light.


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