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Gabriel Ordeig Cole

Borja Folch,


Borja Folch

Borja Folch has worked in different trades in the field of communication. In the audiovisual sphere: production assistant, location manager, scriptwriter, adapter of dialogues. In the written sphere: journalist, advertising writer, translator.

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Rosa Serra
| 2004
Design Biographies

Gabriel Ordeig Cole (1954-1994) occupied a distinct, privileged position on the Spanish design scene of the 1980s. His training in art, coupled with his Anglo-Saxon background and his Mediterranean temperament, shaped an outstanding designer with a special gift: his command of light. He succeeded in communicating this gift with exquisite sensitivity, both in his lamp designs and in the emotionally communicative atmospheres he created. In 1985, when Santa & Cole was founded, Gabriel Ordeig ventured into design editing, following a corporate model that was barely known at the time, with the declared aim of promoting a material culture characteristic of the Mediterranean. Ordeig was responsible for recovering objects that have since been considered Spanish design classics. This book offers a thorough portrait of his personal life and his professional career: from the bohemian, passionate, obsessive Ordeig to the design-oriented, sensitive, perfectionist Ordeig – and, last but not least, the visionary, unpredictable artist.


ISBN: 84-932053-5-4
Borja Folch, Rosa Serra – 2004
Spanish/ English
Paperback, 26 cm x 215 cm / 10.24″ x 84.65″
272 pp
399 ilustrations


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