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Rafael Moneo

Juli Capella


Rafael Moneo


Juli Capella

Juli Capella is an industrial designer and architect. He worked with Quim Larrea until 1997, with whom he founded the De Diseño and ARDI magazines and created the Primavera del Diseño biennale and the industrial design collection of the Decorative Arts Museum in Barcelona. He was head of design for the Italian magazine Domus, regular collaborator for El País and El Periódico, as well as author of several books. He has an extensive architectural portfolio and received an honourable mention at the 2000 edition of the National Design Awards. FAD president between 2001 and 2005.

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Juli Capella

 |  2003
Design Biographies

Rafael Moneo (1937), winner of the Pritzker Architecture Prize for 1996, is one of today’s most prestigious Spanish architects. In his works, architecture and design blend to such an extent that, when he was told about this book project, he modestly doubted having ever made any design pieces. Yet the expert eye of Juli Capella has zeroed in on the quality, quantity and creative potential of the designs Moneo has created since the beginning of his career, and has taken them out of their architectural wrapping.

Moneo’s designs prove to be subjects with lives of their own, calling out for the attention they deserve. From the small scale, Moneo offers us a master class in architecture.


ISBN: 84-932053-3-8
Juli Capella – 2003
Spanish/ English
Paperback, 28.6 cm x 24 cm / 11.26″ x 9.45″
128 pp
186 ilustrations

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