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Antoni Gaudí

David Ferrer 2002

Antoni Gaudí

David Ferrer |


David Ferrer

David Ferrer, a professional architect, also undertook incursions into the field of industrial design (Aro lamp, together with Carlos de la Puente, 1969) and led the creation of the archives at the Society of Architects of Catalonia (Library and Historical Archive) and its expansive collection of documents. As part of the executive board of ADI-FAD, he organised the exhibition “Gaudí dissenyador” in 1977, which prompted a new way of interpreting Gaudí. This was the impetus for this book, published by Santa & Cole and ETSAB in 2002 to mark International Gaudí Day, which includes some of the photographs that F. Català-Roca took for this exhibition.

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This monographic study approaches Gaudí (1852-1926) in his most essential role: as the designer who synthesised art and technique. David Ferrer analyses numerous designs from such disparate fields as wrought ironwork and flooring with the purpose of explaining their genesis, concluding that, beneath their apparent plastic irrationalism, behind their dreamy, fantastic forms, lays a strict functional logic based on the rationalistic ideas of Viollet-le-Duc.


ISBN: 84-8301-583-8
David Ferrer – 2002
Spanish/ English
Hardcover, 28.6 cm x 24 cm / 11.26″ x 9.45″
198 pp
157 ilustrations

Santa & ColeETSABUPC

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