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La Colilla

Carles Riart


La Colilla



Carles Riart

In his pursuit of making durable objects, Carles Riart aspired to become a craftsman of design. Riart, the first author to be edited by Santa & Cole in 1985, is a unique case in Spanish design, due to his peculiar interpretation of tradition and his introspective attitude. In 2011, he received the National Design Award in recognition of his career.

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Carles Riart

 |  1976
Pendant lamps

La Colilla keeps you company. A translucent two-metre tube houses the small neon bulbs. Its long lifespan and exceptionally low power consumption mean it can be left on all day. This lamp was the first product ever edited by Santa & Cole, back in 1985.

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Dimension plane



Methacrylate diffuser tube.
Plug without switch.

Electric cable length: 3 m / 117.9″
Weight: 1 kg / 2.2 lib

Light sources

Light source included:
Neon bulbs strip: 6 W

Input voltage: 100, 120, 230 Vac.
(50 Hz / 60 Hz). According to destination.

We offer the possibility of adapting our products to the requirements of your contract project, modifying them to your needs. All customisations shall be studied upon request respecting the minimum quantity required. Contact us for customisations inqueries.

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