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Home-studio in Sarrià

Barcelona, Spain

Designed by Mariona Espinet
Photography by Eugeni Pons

A show bursting with colours, textures and shapes

In Barcelona's neighbourhood of Sarrià, the home-studio of Mariona Espinet, interior designer and painter, reveals both the virtues of eclecticism and the mastery of colours.

The interior designer, who co-founded the former Cirera+Espinet studio, explores the links between art and interior design; two complementary disciplines that share a common pursuit of beauty and harmony. Espinet debuts with the launch of a new decorative artwork collection: Art by Mariona Espinet. Through geometry and colour, her canvases evoke intense emotions and enhance the soul of the rooms they inhabit.

Functionality, beauty and quality underpin the author's projects, where a precise curatorship of lighting and furniture prevails.

In collaboration with the architectural firm RRIO, the two-storey home's transformation prioritises the lower level, formerly a garage, to maximise its liveability. Three rooms, kitchen, dining room and living room, are combined in this space, where the intentional use of dark shades underlines an absence of natural light.

Santa & Cole luminaires contribute to the carefully selected scenography of this home. Cirio Lineal frames the gatherings around the dining table, and sculptural Tekiò Vertical hovers between the sofa and the outdoor patio. A palette of blues, pinks and earth tones coexists with the diversity of materials, accentuating the identity of each space.

The iconic lamps TMC, Moragas and the Cesta family, with their soft and soothing light range, elegantly contribute to the chiaroscuro of every setting. The emotion embodied by contrast in any of the creative fields Espinet constantly explores.


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