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The possibilities of Tekiò

Hangzhou, China

Designed by 101+

A light installation of our lamp Tekiò is suspended above the modern furniture exhibition presented by 101+ at Space 101, in Hangzhou, China.

Last August, 101+ presented a modern furniture exhibition at Space 101, in Hangzhou, China. The building is characterised by its high-rise hall, where the light installation of our lamp Tekiò hovers above the expansive 1200-square-meter space. The display also included a selection of contemporary icons of furniture companies such as Artek and Studio65.

Tekiò, “adaptation” in Japanese, fuses the ancient technique of Washi paper with Dim to Warm LED technology, allowing the light to be regulated in both intensity and colour temperature. Depending on the chosen combination, both circular and linear shapes can be modulated. Created by Anthony Dickens, this unique contemporary lamp is a contrast between the ancestral and the avant-garde.


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