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Oller del Mas

Manresa, Spain

Photography by Oscar Matt

The value of one’s roots

Thirty-seven generations looking after the same vineyard, Heretat Oller del Mas is a property with a history dating back over a thousand years. Family, tradition and a genuine respect for biodiversity and the environment are the basis of this wine tourism establishment in Manresa, Catalonia, Spain.

The extension of the land allows for multiple uses and experiences. This picturesque setting amidst vineyards is home to the newest facilities: an accommodation area, the Bages 964 Restaurant and the Wine Bar. The complex is based on sustainable building principles as well as the incorporation of renewable energy supply systems combined with water purification and reuse.

Designed by Borrós Interiorsime, the interior of the new space embodies serenity. The twenty-two wooden cabins are immersed in the forest of oaks, pines and holm oaks. While all of them vary from one another, they all serve a shared purpose: to provide comfort while enhancing the forestry landscape. Combined with natural materials and sober colours such as grey and brown tones, the space features an elegant selection of Santa & Coles pieces, including the Subeybaja table and the TMC floor lamp. Simultaneously, Cirio suspension lamp subtly accentuates the gatherings around the table. The terrace is accompanied by the iconic opaline global in its wall-mounted version, Wally Cesta, which illuminates with gentleness without striving for attention. Embraced by a metal structure, it seamlessly blends in with any environment, whether inside or outside.

Miguel Milá's refined design simplicity echoes the austere atmosphere of the site. Both in the restaurant and in the bar, several TMMs cast a warm light onto the gastronomic and winemaking experiences. Pleasant moments sheltered by a large circular fireplace.


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