Casa 242

The RRIO studio took on the refurbishment of a typical apartment in Barcelona’s Eixample district. A reflection based on the desire for openness and fluidity in contrast to the previous layout, whose long unused corridor led to compartmentalized rooms.

Designed by RRIO

Photography Salva López

Casa 242 has been reconfigured to make use of its entire surface area, resulting inmore integrated spaces where light takes on a transversal scope. A home designed to be enjoyed, with a selection of warm materials and a wood predominance. Neutral tones bringcomfort and highlight the nuanced colours of the art works and decorative pieces.

The warmth of Cestita among the most personal belongings, an object-lamp that creates niches of pleasure. In the dining room, along with the iconic Tahiti from Memphis, hangs Lámina, a lamp system consisting of an aligned light under a thin white sheet.
The elegance of a pendant lamp that is not designed to dazzle.

In the bedroom, Tekiò vertical pendant lamp, designed by Anthony Dickens design, blends tradition and modernity. Dressed in handmade washi paper, it incorporates the LED Warm to Dim light technology to regulate the intensity and colour temperature.

Santa & Cole design editions blending with the delicacy of a unique project.

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