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Mendi Argia

San Sebastián, Spain

Photography by Mari Luz Vidal

The lights and shadows of this deeply moving setting are nothing short of thrilling

Mendi Argia, Basque for "Resplendent Mountain", is a boutique hotel located on the slopes of Mount Ulia in San Sebastián. A historical place to escape from routine and enjoy breathtaking views of the city.

This Openhouse Studio project restores the splendour to an early 20th-century villa, modernising it while reinforcing its character. The restoration of this traditional Basque casona respects the original elements of the building, such as the stone or wood, and integrates them into a contemporary approach.

With an abundance of elegance and design, the result is a series of delicate and comfortable rooms. The furnishings are by Gervasoni, Thonet or Expormim; and the textiles from Nani Marquina or Teixidors. Along with items from Oluce Flos, a selection of pieces by Santa & Cole illuminate the hotel's interior.

A contextual timelessness where Pie de Salón and Dorica lamps abide in the privacy of the rooms, providing serene ambient light. Harmoniously, the BC2 wall lamps, with beige ribbon shades, discreetly frame the rest areas. Moragas and Básica provide desktop accompaniment and the use of natural materials ensure warmth to the space.


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