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La obra de arte en la era de su reproducibilidad técnica

Walter Benjamin


La obra de arte en la era de su reproducibilidad técnica


Walter Benjamin

Walter Benjamin (Berlin, 1892 – Portbou, 1940) was a German philosopher, literary critic, translator and essayist whose work arouses great interest to this day. As his thought developed, it combined elements from German idealism and Romanticism, historical materialism and Jewish mysticism, allowing him to make relevant contributions to the Marxist theory of aesthetics. In the highly turbulent thirties, Benjamin’s efforts to develop a materialist aesthetic theory served as a strong stimulus both for other members of the Frankfurt school and, for example, the poet and playwright Bertolt Brecht.

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Walter Benjamin

 |  2024

Walter Benjamin (1892 – 1940), a German philosopher and essayist, wrote The Work of Art in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction in 1936, at a crucial moment in history. After the First World War, Europe was plunged into a deep political, economic and social crisis, which produced a growing sense of agitation among the masses. This period was also witness to rapid technological transformations. The era of mass rebellion, mechanical reproduction and the appearance of new technologies was radically changing the way in which images, music and visual culture were produced, distributed and experienced. Ever since that time, this essay is inevitably brought up at any discussion on the theme described by its title. Now with a new direct translation from the German and an additional epilogue by Paul Valéry.


ISBN 978-84-941113-5-8
Walter Benjamin – 2024
Otabind, 19 cm x 13 cm / 7.48″ x 5.12″
76 pp
2 b/w ilustrations

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