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Single family home in Barcelona

Barcelona, Spain

Photography by Oscar Mata

Borrós interior design studio is reviving traditional structural elements, such as ceilings with ceramic hollow bricks and wooden beams; and it is combining them with fine materials, such as wooden flooring and iron on the interior woodwork and the staircase linking the two storeys.

To light the staircase, Borrós selected Santa & Cole’s Cirio Múltiple pendant lamp, designed by Antonio Arola. It is a variation of the Cirio lighting system allowing full flexibility in order to place the light sources where needed. Six candles formed by a LED light capsule and a porcelain shade are held aloft from a single canopy. Manufactured by expert craftspeople from Sargadelos (Galicia), the shade makes it possible to filter the light from the LED capsule which gives off a warm glow akin to a candle.

Moreover, for the living room, the interior design studio chose the TMMand Cesta designs by Miguel Milá, two lamps made from natural materials which are perfect for enhancing the harmony and warmth of the room.


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