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Boitsfort, Fosbury & Sons

Brussels, Belgium

Designed by Going East
Photography by Jeroen Verrecht

All in all, classical and modern elements are attuned in flawless harmony. Elegant ambiences harbour beauty in every corner. It is a place to feel good.

Boitsfort: office space made sublime. Designed by the Going East, studio, this co-working office located in Brussels belongs to the firm Fosbury & Sons. The venue is a modernist building created by the architect Constantin Brodzki. It is an architectural gem, blending organic geometric forms with copper reflections on the oval windows of the façade.

Fosbury & Sons channels its corporate values into good design, creating a warm and human environment. The work spaces are an invitation to share, to connect. The project comprises a range of materials and well-balanced colour schemes, suggesting a dichotomy between a brutalist outdoor skin and a calm interior. The wood, as a badge of identity, is in concert with textiles in rich cream tones and dark furniture.

The selection of Santa & Cole lamps speaks the same language as the rest of elements. Moragas, by Antoni de Moragas Gallissà, initially conceived for the designer’s personal use in his own office, graces the meeting rooms and shared work spaces in Boitsfort. This model blends effortlessly with the natural materials and the softness of the tones. The white cotton ribbon and silk thread gently distributes the light at precisely the level required for professional use. In addition, designs by Miguel Milá, Globo Cesta and TMM provide warmth and serenity, illuminating work spaces that evoke the comfort and well-being of a home.


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