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Piso O

Barcelona, Spain

Photography by Salva López

Aesthetics paired with functionality. This is what design for comfort looks like.

A case for craftsmanship. Piso O is a custom project by Marc Morro that highlights the contrast between tradition and avant-garde. Located in Barcelona, the apartment exudes personality and unlocks the value of the simple.

The open-concept home is structured into various ambiences, delimited by the furniture and other elements of which each is comprised. The Catalan vaulted ceiling traces continuity between the different areas laid out beneath it. Another pivotal element of this apartment is its lighting, which shapes the distribution and circulation of space into separate zones.

AOO adds its craft to the project in the form of furniture, wood being the predominating material due to its many properties. Splashes of primary colours contrast with neutral tones. The overall combination of objects and noble and warm materials in the home are its symbols of identity. The pieces denote pure formal clarity.

A discourse of simplicity through the use of light. The heterogeneous selection of Santa & Cole lamps infuses the home with warmth and emotion. The ceramic shades of the HeadHat Bowl series frame the dining area in the kitchen, with TMM floor lamps adding serenity. Carles Riart‘s La Colilla, illuminates the corridor space that links and reveals each separate scene. Asa, by Miguel Milá, fits naturally into the environment. The oriental character of Nagoya makes the bedroom a haven of tranquillity. There is a certain hedonism in contemplating La Cestita into the small hours. These lamps are timeless, designed to survive us. Their materials and shapes ensure that, even when turned off, they imbue serenity, creating spaces for retreat.


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