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Ingredients, flavours and aromas are perfectly paired with a design of clean and harmonious geometries.

The purest art of cooking takes centre stage in PUR, the restaurant located in the heart of Barcelona. A gastronomic and sensory experience based on the appreciation and authenticity of the product, its environment and its producers.

Behind this cutting-edge culinary project is chef Nandu Jubany, who worked in collaboration with Lagranja Design and reMM Lighting Designstudios on the design of the space. “The concept comes from long conversations with Nandu” –says Gabriele Schiavon, founding partner of Lagranja together with Gerard Sanmartí– “he sought to create a space where the kitchen was at the centre, and we took the idea a step further.” Nandu wanted to introduce diners into the gastronomic process, so they would be part of the performance and enjoy the show. From the curved wooden seating around the kitchen, diners closely follow each moment of the preparation of their dishes, just like at home.

Lighting, as an essential ingredient for vision to work in synergy with the rest of the senses, adheres to the same criteria of integrity and transparency which the kitchen of Nandu Jubany and the design of Lagranja Design is based on. “The light is pure and defined: on the one hand it precisely highlights the culinary and design elements, and on the other it flows in an enveloping way in the space, compensating where necessary for the lack of natural lighting and simulating its variations and effects at a perceptive level”, says the lighting designer Michela Mezavilla, director of the reMM Lighting Design.

The evocative M68 lamps, with white shades, illuminate the round tables where diners are located, creating a warm and personal atmosphere. Designed in 1962 by Miguel Milá and re-edited in 1995 by Santa & Cole, the outline of the M68 immortalises the silhouette of a woman’s shoulders. The internal reflection of these opaque shades generates a diffuse light with a high colour rendering that enhances the beauty of the customers, the quality of materials and the texture of the dishes.


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