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Casa Neutrale

Madrid, Spain

Designed by Estudio DIIR
Photography by David Zarzoso

Casa Neutrale, a place of meals and conversation

Estudio DIIR materialises Neutrale's second gastronomic proposal in Madrid. With a Mediterranean soul yet established in the capital, the project advocates for a conscious and relaxed lifestyle within a tight-knit community.

With sustainability as a guiding principle, the firm has expanded and translated its values into Casa Neutrale. The starting point: a speciality cafeteria close to their shop, in the Salesas neighbourhood. With the opening of this new venue in Plaza Cataluña, they have taken a step further, expanding their culinary experience to be enjoyed at any time of the day.

Our pieces follow Neutrale's motto: Less but better.

The establishment's floor plan is arranged to create a minimalist, clean and functional atmosphere flooded with natural light. An extensive perimeter bench ensures the openness and unity of the space, making room for vegetation. The Ramón chairs, braided in natural cord around a light metallic structure, add versatility and casualness both indoors and outdoors.

Emphasising the direct relationship between the granite table in the centre and the large bar at the back, covered with the same rocky material, our light Lámina 165 is suspended, creating a soft reflected light.

While using distinctive visual resources in line with the other Neutrale’s venues, the project also incorporates new signs of identity, such as geometric ceramics and the use of earthy tones.

The young architectural firm has designed each of the Neutrale and Casa Neutrale spaces, masterfully capturing the beauty of its imagery. A close collaboration revealing the strong relationship between the studio and the brand.