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Barcelona, Spain

Milanesado, a serene place where the hustle and bustle of the city is attenuated.

Alto Interiorismo and Co Arquitectura have renovated this Barcelona residence projected as an urban refuge, an impeccable combination of materiality and light.

The rough microcement contrasts with the warmth of the upholstery and the irregularity of the natural wood. The chromatic purity builds a neutral and continuous enclosure, enhancing the sensations created by the textures on walls and floors. The conductive thread, bruno, appears in varying points and elements of the house and confers character to their environments.

The set of Santa & Cole pieces illuminate with delicacy, inviting to gather in this new home. Suspended, over the dining table, the horizontal Tekiò lamp by Anthony Dickens participates in the play of hues, materials and textiles of the project. Dressed in Japanese Washi paper, it fuses ancient craftsmanship techniques with Warm to Dim LED technology to regulate the light in intensity and colour temperature.

A magnificent selection of contemporary classics illuminate the tabletop. Timeless, versatile luminaires with friendly mobility. The brilliant simplicity of Gira: a base, an arm and a shade. A rearticulation of the traditional articulated light that allows rotation of its arm and orientation of the shade, offering a localized and protagonist lighting in work or reading spaces. And the company of Asa, Cesta and its small version, Cestita; designs by Miguel Milá from the early sixties. Ingeniously created to be transported, they subtly protect the fragility of the central luminous body.


Cestita Batería

Tekiò Horizontal

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