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Espacio DIIR

Madrid, Spain

Designed by Estudio DIIR
Photography by Luis Díaz

An architecture studio as an artisan's workshop

Between a showroom and a workshop, the new home of Estudio DIIR opens its doors to the public, drawing us closer to the craft of architecture. The first room, viewed from the street, acts as a meeting place where various exhibitions, activities and conferences take place. In the back room, the studio's daily work revolves around a large central table.

The space reflects the collaborative and artisanal work of Estudio DIIR, which is also shared by Santa & Cole. Using natural elements such as stone and wood, together with a selection of neutral colours, Estudio DIIR has chosen to enhance the warmth of their workshop through our lamps. Cirio Simple and Lámina 165 illuminate the meeting table, stimulating dialogue and conversation. Sylvestrina and Cestita Alubat accentuate the subtle yet distinctive textures of the materials. Infusing the place with affection and craftsmanship, our lamps perfectly represent the philosophy of Estudio DIIR.

The workshop maintains the creative essence of the establishment. A character inherited from the former owners: the artists AntonAiguabella, friends of the firm. Located in the centre of Madrid, Malasaña is one of the few neighbourhoods where craftsmanship endures. A strategic place where dialogue and culture reside at street level.
Through light, our designs reveal the subtlety and detail of this delightful place.

Estudio DIIR was founded in 2018 by David Maena, Ignacio Navarro, Iñigo Palazón and Ricardo Fernández. The firm's projects span from offices and retail to residences and public buildings.


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