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Básica Mínima Batería

Santiago Roqueta, Equipo Santa & Cole

Básica Mínima Batería

Santiago Roqueta, |


Santiago Roqueta

Doctor of architecture, professor of Technical Drawing and director of ETSAB (Barcelona School of Architecture), industrial designer, interior designer andartist, he was a leading light in the concept of good design in Barcelona. Creator of Snark Design, a publisher specialised in furniture, which merged withSanta & Cole at the end of the 80s. He also embarked on the design of unique commercial premises. Roqueta was the driving force behind this book co-published by Santa & Cole and ETSAB, which disseminates the work of pioneering masters of Spanish design.

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Equipo Santa & Cole |


Equipo Santa & Cole

Comprising the people who work in Santa & Cole s technical department, led by the editors, the Santa & Cole Team s signature is featured in all our own designs. Some examples are the Trípode G5 lamp (1997), the HeadLed system (2013), the Arne streetlamp (2013) and its indoors version the Arne Domus (2015), the Sisisí system (1994) and the Básica lamp (1984), to name a few.

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Table lamps

Básica Mínima Batería is the portable version of Básica Mínima. Its cylindric structure, made of birch wood, holds two lampshade options: pleated natural parchment and ribbon stitched. With a light touch, the lamp turns on and off, making it a light and practical companion.

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Dimension plane



Birch wood column.
Stitched beige parchment or natural ribbon lampshade.
Lithium battery
Metallic base with bronze finish.
Switch incorporated into the luminaire with 2 levels of intensity.
Power Range:
- 7h on high power
- 14h on minimum power.
Includes contact charger.
Battery charging time: 5h.
To prevent degradation of the lamp, it should not be left outdoors permanently.

Light sources

Light source included (dimmable):
LED bulb: (S&C DC bulb) 1W.

Input voltage: 100 ~ 240 Vac.
(50 Hz / 60 Hz). Según destino.

We offer the possibility of adapting our products to the requirements of your contract project, modifying them to your needs. All customisations shall be studied upon request respecting the minimum quantity required. Contact us for customisations inqueries.

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