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Contemporary Neoseries

High resolution pigment ink on Cotton paper


80 x 60 cm

Same size as original


Edition What is a Neoseries?

Open edition. Produced on demand

Certificate of authenticity included

Price on request
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Work from

Enrique Barro

Licensed in Fine Arts from the University of Barcelona and known by the artistic name Enrique Barro, Enrique Bargunyó is a multidisciplinary artist who has focused his artistic endeavors on painting, drawing, and sculpture. His work is notable for the versatility with which he uses basic materials and tools, almost in a recycling fashion, taking advantage of all parts, transforming a single object into many different ones, and thereby achieving almost infinite forms, colors, and textures. In this way, from an essential tool like a pencil, he extracts both the wood shavings—used to create two-dimensional sculptures and landscapes—and the chromatic residue from sharpening, which he uses to mark new textures and collages of abstract and isolated bodies. The result, regardless of the discipline, transports us to new microcosms where colors and shapes invite the purest and most primary contemplation, one that expects nothing in return, just the viewer's enjoyment of the new and fantastic formation of the most everyday elements, thus appreciating the fragile beauty hidden in the smallest parts that make up our great world.

Enrique Barro has held various individual and group exhibitions in cities such as Barcelona, Madrid, and Mexico City, and his work is part of collections like the Fundació Vilà Casas and the DKV Art Collection.

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More works by the artist

Red Pencil Trail (II)

Enrique Barro, 2024

Neoseries 120 x 80 cm

Red Pencil Trail (I)

Enrique Barro, 2024

Neoseries 100 x 80 cm


Neoseries samples

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