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Colour Scheme V

Colour Scheme V

Contemporary Neoseries

High resolution pigment ink on cotton paper


70 x 60 cm

Same size as original


Edition What is a Neoseries?

Open edition. Produced on demand

Certificate of authenticity included

Price on request
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Work from

Claudia Valsells

Claudia Valsells is a colourist and an artist. Strongly linked to colour since the beginning of her practice as a mural painter, she has partnered with architects and designers for over 20 years to define colours through her own studio arts&claus. After her expertise in colour trend prediction, she went a step further becoming an artist, trusting her instinct with colour to create her own chromatic language. Currently she combines her work as an artist with her colour consulting services in the field of architecture and interior design.

She founded and directed arts&claus for 20 years, focusing in enhancing the tones and textures of colours for interior spaces around Europe and locally. During her time leading the company she drew inspiration from the world of interior design and architecture as well as nurturing these spheres with her knowledge of colour. As an artist she has shown her practice in several galleries and her work is currently part of international contemporary art collections.

arts&claus was founded with the aim of strengthening the role of colour in architecture and interior design. Being aware of the importance of having a tool to communicate colour, she created her own colour chart with more than 200 references, in 2000 – a curated chromatic selection intended to improve the use of colour in industrial design and architecture. This chart is currently used by some of the best architecture studios.

She has set a precedent as a colourist, becoming a reference in colour creation. Her way of combining colours has triggered a new path in colour research.

Recently, she has presented for Santa & Cole a collection of eight colours for the M64 lamp, designed by Miguel Milá, one of the most relevant figures in industrial Spanish design. This chromatic exercise opened up a new emotional and visual perception of M64.

During this process, Valsells developed the interaction of the selected colours to present the collection in the form of chromatic harmonies, which culminated these new Neoseries – Santa & Cole’s art editions.


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