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Ilmari Tapiovaara


Ilmari Tapiovaara |


Ilmari Tapiovaara

Tapiovaara was a designer, interior architect and professor, who promoted the new design that emerged after World War II. Best known for his furniture and interior designs, his work explored multiplicity: he created many versions of each important piece. His practices at Le Corbusier studio, and his close relationship with nature made him an explorer of new design, which had ceased to be a cultural luxury as it spread through the whole of society.

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Floor lamps

Maija conveys the feeling of light typical of Baltic cities, where the streets are barely illuminated, apart from the light that streams from the windows of homes and shops; from the inside outwards. A tower composed of stacked metal discs through which its inner light filters, vibrant and inviting conversation.

Dimension plane



Metallic lampshade finished in matte white.
Brass legs finished in matte.
Diffuser in white translucent methacrylate.
Dimmer included.

Light sources

Light source included (dimmable):
Built-in LED:
Output 24W / Input: 90 ~ 264 Vac.
(50 Hz / 60 Hz). According to destination.
CCT: 2.700 K
CRI: 90
Lifetime: 40.000 h
Luminous flux: 820 lm
E.E.C. G.

Input voltage: 90 ~ 264 Vac.
(50 Hz / 60 Hz). Según destino.

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