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Parking Pizza

Barcelona, Spain

Designed by Lekuona Studio
Photography by Enric Badrinas

They are a lesson in exquisite simplicity

Number 56 of Barcelona's Passeig de Sant Joan is home to Parking Pizza's second restaurant. Its owners, Berta Bernat and Marcos Armenteras, refer to it as a 'pizza bar'. It is an uncontrived, wholehearted place in which to enjoy good Italian food.

Designed by Lekuona Studio and Antonio Spalletta, the former 500m2 car park was converted into a restaurant with an industrial feel. Bare walls and ceilings make for a spontaneous relationship with the structure of the premises. Skylights let sunlight stream inside. The simple and open-plan distribution of the place reveals everything that happens inside. In the centre is the dining room, with cardboard stools and wooden tables to share. Surrounding it are the service and storage areas and the open kitchen, with an impressive wood oven at its core.

The careful lighting softens the manufacturing-reminiscent character of the project. Two Cesta lamps are placed amongst items of distinguished informality, wooden logs and stacked boxes. Hanging from above is the classic and timeless 1964 design, the M64 pendant lamp with black aluminium screen. Its perfect repetition of concentrated light sets a warm, gently enveloping tone. Friendly light from designs by Miguel Mila. They offer refuge amid the natural bustle of the premises. The lamp incorporates Santa & Cole's trademark HeadLed system: a versatile LED light source with excellent light quality.

The original Parking Pizza concept emerged with its first establishment, on Barcelona's Carrer de Londres. Both venues are authentic and have built a relaxed, family atmosphere, where the focus is primarily on their gourmet pizzas.


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