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Saint Petersburg, Russia

Designed by Alexey Penyuk

Harvest is a display of pure lines and naturalness. Culinary harmonisation with the space.

Dmitry Blinov and Renat Malikov are the creators of Harvest, a restaurant located in St. Petersburg, founded on the principles of responsible consumption and environmental sustainability. With a heart-felt respect for the products, there is a special devotion to vegetables.

Designed by interior designer Alexey Penyuk as a faithful representation of the restaurant’s philosophy, Harvest is visual simplicity itself. A combination of sobriety and warmth, whose main features are noble materials such as wood and travertine and the long curtains that cover large windows that also extol the significant presence of natural light.

Generous and open-plan, the kitchen is integrated in the main dining area neatly and spontaneously. The furniture, dressed in neutral shades, combines with a sculptural spiral staircase to lend the space an air of distinction.

Santa & Cole’s lamps, together with Davide Groppi’s Tetatet table lamps, are strategically located around the room. The inherent aesthetic criteria of Miguel Milá is prominent, since he designed several of the lamps used in this project. These are beautiful objects arising from cultivated intuition in a quest for the essential.

The TMM suggests intimacy in the restaurant’s most secluded tables. Its functional simplicity means it can as readily be placed on the summer terrace. The Cestita Metálicatable lamp sits motionless in corners of the restaurant, as a contribution of expressiveness. A member of the same family, the fragile elegance of the Globo Cesta lamps adds warmth to the ambience. Aesthetic emotion courtesy of Milá.


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