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Isern Serra and Valeria Vasi’s home

Barcelona, Spain

Designed by Isern Serra
Photography by Marina Denisova

It is a studio house, open to the sunlight

The hallmark project of interior designer Isern Serra and object designer and ceramist Valeria Vasi. Inspired by the humanism of Coderch and shying away from contrivance is the purity of a Mediterranean home in Barcelona, which connects with their personal values and is steeped in the tradition of craftsmanship.

The day area lightly blurs the limits of each room, creating a panoramic space, bright and fully open to the outside. A large room finished in off-white microcement enhances its clarity and gives prominence to Valeria's stunning pieces, in multiple colours, materials and formats. Free of walls and columns, it can be adapted to whatever the needs of daily use, reconciling the showroom-workshop with the living room and kitchen. Built-in furniture and planters are the common threads that outline the changes of level and integrate the vegetation into the architecture.

The simplicity of two HeadHat Bowls illuminates the solid ash kitchen island. Handmade ceramic lampshades and HeadLED system technology offer an excellent and lasting lighting experience. This is a tribute to design in which different and renowned creations commingle. Also edited by Santa & Cole is the lighting by Miguel Milá: Cesta and TMM. Timeless classics designed to wrap you in their warmth.

Embraced by the Milá universe, there is the Subeybaja table. Designed by the British firm Heritage and Webb, there is a perfect exponent of the multiple functions of this house. Produced in two oak finishes, with a round top and articulated legs, it can be adjusted to seven heights and used for a range of purposes.

In the night-time area, the master bedroom, an embodiment of simplicity and neatness, lends continuity to the complete openness of the floor. The door-less wardrobes are covered with snowy curtains, leading to Valeria and Isern's intimate realm.


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