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I love Paris by Guy Martin

Paris, France

Designed by India Mahdavi
Photography by Derek Hudson

It is an exquisite proposal for those who wish to enjoy a pleasant Parisian experience without leaving the airport.

The opening of the restaurant I love Paris by Guy Martin in Paris-Charles de Gaulle airport in 2015 consisted of the first fine dining enterprise in the busy Paris airport. “As I go there so often, I was able to see it with my own eyes. Paris-Charles de Gaulle became the showcase of the capital. I realised that there was everything in this airport: luxury, fashion, etc.; but what it needed was a genuine contemporary restaurant” Guy Martin explains. The chef, who achieved a three Michelin star rating, sought to portray the Parisian identity and the love for French cuisine by adopting a style inspired by the Palais Royal and a menu that includes the most exquisite elements of French cuisine.

For the design, Guy Martin enlisted the help of Iranian architect and interior designer India Mahdavi who fused oval and circular shapes using optimal quality materials such as velvet, leather, stone and brass to shroud this modern restaurant in the wonder of Paris with her own interpretation of the Palais Royal.

The space is distributed into two main areas adapted to the needs and paces of the passengers: a bar located in the middle where snacks are served and a lounge on the left where people can taste some of the culinary selections. For the main lighting in the bar area, the Cirio Circular lamp by Antoni Arola with brass shades was chosen, a lighting system inspired by the grand luminaires in the Hagia Sophia Mosque in Istanbul that creates splendid compositional interplays and gives the space an uplifting feel.