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House in Sant Mori

Girona, Spain

Designed by Mesura
Photography by Salva López

The result is a functional, versatile space from which to enjoy the landscape of the Empordà region at all times of the year.

Mesura Studio was commissioned to restructure a home designed to be used as a holiday residence, in which the existing spatial qualities were to be preserved.

The studio proposed a complete re-design of the home’s kitchen. The new design entailed opening the kitchen entirely onto the adjacent terrace and adding a small covered space fitted with folding windows, allowing for maximum light and use both as a dining-room and a small sitting-room.

The furniture and lighting elements include Ramón chairs by Ramón Bigas and the Cestita lamp by Miguel Milà. Two objects edited by Santa & Cole which, together with the excellent designs of Alvar Aalto and Antoni Bonet, E60 and Butterfly, shape a modern and balanced natural environment.