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Publication for Legs with Shoes

Klas Ernflo


Publication for Legs with Shoes



Klas Ernflo

The work of Klas Ernflo covers a broad range of media, including drawing, painting, sculpture and installation. His closeness to nature during his childhood in Sweden finds a clear reflection in his work. His exploration through clothing is particularly noteworthy, a medium that aroused his interest as a hybrid between illustration and graphic design, with a strong component of craft. His work has appeared in different publications like Apartamento, Domus, Frame and Le Monde d’Hermès, and has been exhibited internationally in Los Angeles, Düsseldorf and Barcelona.

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Klas Ernflo

 |  2023

Published alongside his exhibition at Galeria Santa & Cole Barcelona Legs with Shoes, this newspaper by Klas Ernflo is based on one of the exhibited works,Tracks: a polyptych of 18 pieces now reinterpreted in a piece that invites a new reading perspective.


Klas Ernflo – 2023
Newspaper format, 37 cm x 29 cm / 14.57″ x 11.42″
10 pp
20 color illustrations

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