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Xaloc #2

High resolution pigment ink. On cotton paper

37.5 x 28 cm Same size as original

Edition What is a Neoseries?
Next unit for sale No. 2 Open edition. Produced on demand
Certificate of authenticity included

The price varies with the demand. Each unit sold increases the price by 1%

Safe payment Shipping insurance included Installment payment option Care instructions
Work from

Montse Campins

Montse Campins is a photographer graduated at the Elisava School in Barcelona and at the Art Center College of Design in Pasadena (California, USA).

Through her lens, she has dealt with several social topics such as the position of women in today s society. She has travelled with her camera through the layers of time and space and has worked on numerous projects in which she often mixes reality and fiction. Montse Campins work shows a very open vision that reaches an extensive aesthetic concept, not so much as a stylistic resource but as a precursor of the simple.

Always in line of research and experimentation, Montse Campins is interested in ancient techniques and their combination with digital photography and narration. Thus, in La cadencia del Cian she experiments with cyanotype articulating, through the repetition of an image, a rhythm to navigate through, finding in each duplication a new interpretation different from the very first one.

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