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Kokoro M, azul sobre teja

Kokoro M, azul sobre teja

Contemporary Neoseries
High resolution pigment ink on cotton paper

90 x 70 cm
Same size as original

Edition What is a Neoseries?
Open edition. Produced on demand
Certificate of authenticity included

Price on request
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Work from

Bea Aiguabella

Through her practice, Bea Aiguabella explores the dichotomy between individuality and collectiveness. Taking elements of nature as a point of departure, Aiguabella investigates this disjunction through an extensive process of repetition. Using primarily oil sticks on raw linen, textiles, and cotton paper, she creates compositions that invite the viewer to observe what seems like a pure, exclusive act of repetition but is, in fact, a representation of unique elements. This nuance appears throughout the act of observation and raises the question of how many individual elements are needed to create a sense of collectiveness.

She was trained as an architect; hence a sense of geometry and symmetry is embedded in her visual approach. Minimalism is also a crucial concept when understanding Aiguabella’s visual language.

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Bea Aiguabella, 2023

Originals 30 x 40 cm


Bea Aiguabella, 2023

Originals 20 x 30 cm


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