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Orden de libros

Orden de libros

Contemporary Neoseries
High resolution pigment ink on cotton paper

100 x 250 cm
Same size as original

Edition What is a Neoseries?
Open edition. Produced on demand
Certificate of authenticity included

Price on request
Contact me when in stock

Work from

Carmen Galofré

Carmen Galofré graduated in Fine Arts at Barcelona s Sant Jordi Faculty, where she learned her profession and where she has contributed to several exhibitions throughout her career. Galofré s work plays with perception, cleverly using strokes to distinguish porcelain from glass, leather from cardboard. She has exhibited worldwide, from London to Geneva.


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More works by the artist

Hindú en Narlai

Carmen Galofré, 2014

Originals 12 x 15 cm

Siesta (Atmósferas)

Carmen Galofré, 2019

Neoseries 105 x 52 cm

Mi perro “beagle”

Carmen Galofré, 2000

Originals 25 x 17 cm

El nacimiento de Venus en Ses Salines

Carmen Galofré, 2019

Originals 20 x 48 cm

Sketch de Barcelona

Carmen Galofré, 2018

Originals 65 x 52.5 cm

A perseo

Carmen Galofré, 2005

Neoseries 160 x 80 cm

Diálogo con la luz

Carmen Galofré, 2020

Originals 220 x 110 cm

Libros y gafas

Carmen Galofré, 2022

Neoseries 100 x 40 cm

Libros y copa

Carmen Galofré, 2021

Originals 100 x 40 cm

Esencias de Morandi

Carmen Galofré, 2006

Originals 125 x 63 cm

Retrato Astral (Cosmos y Psique)

Carmen Galofré, 2020

Originals 100 x 100 cm

Libros y tinta

Carmen Galofré, 2021

Neoseries 100 x 40 cm

Anochecer (Atmósferas)

Carmen Galofré, 2020

Originals 115 x 53 cm

Sketch de Ses Salines

Carmen Galofré, 2020

Originals 66 x 25 cm


Carmen Galofré, 2016

Originals 15 x 20 cm

S’hórabaixa (Atmósferas)

Carmen Galofré, 2020

Originals 195 x 130 cm

Tarde en casa mallorquina

Carmen Galofré, 2019

Originals 55.5 x 17.5 cm


Carmen Galofré, 2014

Originals 22 x 18 cm

Libros y tinta

Carmen Galofré, 2021

Originals 100 x 40 cm

Siesta (Atmósferas)

Carmen Galofré, 2019

Originals 105 x 52 cm


Carmen Galofré, 2015

Originals 31 x 51 cm


Neoseries samples

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