Miguel Milá,

beauty in design

Miguel Milá perfectly represents the idea of good design. His creations seek to solve minor, everyday problems and give us comfort without every neglecting their beauty and sensuality. A design is not only enjoyed with the eyes; it should also attract the other senses too.

Such iconic pieces as Cesta (1962) and TMM (1961) embody a very definite style where elegance leaves no place for the superfluous, and in which the function is always underlined by a timeless and graceful design. His recent designs, such as the Estadio hanging lamp (2002) or the NeoRomántico bench (1995), promptly became contemporary icons for the same reasons.

As one of Santa & Cole´s main references from the outset, we asked Miguel to answer a few questions about the keys to his style and creative process. Below are his interesting lessons and thoughts.

Miguel, could you define what a good lamp is for you?
A good lamp is one that lights but does not dazzle, and that amazes when it´s off.

What is the development process for a lamp?
It´s always the same as for all my products: ensure that it fulfils its function striving for an exciting aesthetic.

Tell us the story behind this product.
I searched to find the shade I needed and I ´dressed´ it.

Cestita and Cesta are designs that have been around for over 50 years and are still relevant. What is the key to your products? 
Their raison d´être has to be as profound as possible.

Who would you give a Cestita to as a present?
It would love to give it to everyone who showed an interest in having it, but I can´t afford to.

Where or in whose office would you like to see Cestita?
I am happy enough with the designs; I like to see them anywhere provided they are used with dignity.

Picture by: Carlos Pericás

Picture by: Carme Masiá

Picture by: David Levin

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