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In the Spanish sun

Build the space around the lamps

In a place where sunny winter days are scarce, there is a yearning for warmth and brightness at home. Designed by ACV, this apartment refurbishment in the centre of Warsaw aims to create a cosy atmosphere, especially through the lighting.

The starting point is Santa & Cole lighting, around which the various spaces have been designed. Timelessness and its effect on interiors are the inspiration behind this project. A renovation that plays with mirrors and a deliberate use of glass, to gain amplitude and clarity. Mouldings and panelling in a contemporary setting, bathed in a range of neutral colours and natural materials.

Summoning diners around the table, Cirio Lineal is a long section from which a row of five Cirio lamps with porcelain lampshades are hung. This is a unique piece reminiscent of candlelight in both its shape and the warmth it emanates. In the living room, the ingenious simplicity of a wooden shaft, a shade and a cable. An unmistakable TMM furnishes the reading corner, subtly setting the mood.

The master bathroom is a place of cult with its high ceilings and abundant natural light. A great haven of serenity in which simply to be and to live. In ethereal suspension are two Maija pendant lamps, the tower of stacked discs itself representing the home, full of life, filtering out its vibrant inner light. And above the sink, Lámina, an elegant and discreet light reflection capable of taking on different sizes and compositions. In the other bathroom, the Disco wall lamp on the mirrored wall creates a halo of comfort around its opaque metallic circle.

The bedroom oozes sobriety, the decoration emerging from a selection of lamps, including Gira. This is a reinterpretation of the traditional gooseneck reading lamp with a fully rotating arm and adjustable shade. Perfect for a corner in which to sit and write or work.

Longing for the sun king.


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