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House in Sant Gervasi

Barcelona, Spain

A real home full of natural light composed of exquisite objects from yesterday and today that speak of history and modernity.

In the Barcelona neighbourhood of Sarriá-San Gervasi, the architects Isabel López Vilalta + Asociados created a comfortable and sophisticated top-floor dwelling full of natural light and charm and featuring design elements of the architects themselves and of firms such as Carl Hansen, Flos and Santa & Cole.

Natural light is at the core of the entire scheme. The dark, viewless original corridor was completely transformed to create a bright, spacious dwelling.

The selection of traditional and contemporary objects includes Santa & Cole designs. The kitchen features the light Belloch chairs and Miguel Milá’s famous M68 pop lamp. These modern, congenial designs combine perfectly with the furniture of the Boffi kitchen.

To illuminate the dining room, the interior designers chose the distinctive Cirio Múltiple lamp by Antoni Arola. This playful version with Sargadelos porcelain shades combines with the wooden elements to create a classic, well-paced atmosphere of soft tones.