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Composición 6

Composición 6

Contemporary Neoseries

High resolution pigment ink on Cotton paper


73 x 100 cm

Same size as original


Edition What is a Neoseries?

Open edition. Produced on demand

Certificate of authenticity included

Price on request
Contact me when in stock

Work from

Juan Diego Thielen

Graduated as a sculptor from the Escola Massana in Barcelona, where he has lived for ten years, he shapes his main work with concrete and iron, materials that allow him to generate an intimate dialogue during the creative process as well as a reflection of an existential nature concerning essential aspects of life, such as nostalgia or the passage of time. How little, how much, could these materials—solid, cold, heavy, and firm—tell us? They speak to us about stability and continuity. Can they speak to us about love or the soul? Thielen uses photography to capture reality, thus storing a collection of images and memories fundamental to the construction of his universe. Finally, with painting, he achieves a completely free space. The canvas allows him to abstract the rational and temporal. Recognizable images cease to be so, enabling him to approach a visual language of infinite possibilities where all the resources of his imagination expand and give him the freedom to soar.

Thielen has collaborated with architectural studios such as Ricardo Bofill's architecture workshop, creating pieces for their projects. He has also held several solo and group exhibitions in Catalonia, Marseille, and Ibiza.

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Composición 11

Juan Diego Thielen, 2024

Neoseries 73 x 100 cm


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