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Reflejos 1

Reflejos 1

Contemporary Neoseries

Drawing completed during lockdown, when the artist was missing a landscape he would often contemplate: a riverbank. Evasion by pencil during the lockdown months. He drew from memory and with his imagination. These landscapes are the synthesis of the riverbank that divides the landscape horizontally. Abstract landscapes in polyptych format, six drawings on conservation paper in pencil and with graphite blurring to highlight the vertical reflection across the horizon.


High resolution pigment ink on cotton paper

Polyptych 80 x 120 cm
Six pieces sized 40 x 40 cm
Same size as original

Edition What is a Neoseries?
Open edition. Produced on demand
Certificate of authenticity included

Price on request

Work from

Marcos Isamat

Marcos Isamat is an artist noted for his pencil drawings and versatility of tones. He uses the 6B to 4H scale to compose all kinds of landscapes, portraits and depictions of nature. Isamat looks for patterns and symmetries that he replicates throughout his paintings, infusing the strokes with a common harmony. Such is the case of Espejismo, a Neoseries edited by Santa & Cole Arte. 


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Marina 1

Marcos Isamat, 2014

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Reflejos 2

Marcos Isamat, 2020

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Marina 2

Marcos Isamat, 2015

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Marcos Isamat, 2018

Neoseries 170 x 105 cm


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