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Marina 1

Marina 1

Contemporary Neoseries

The sea is another of Marcos Isamat s imaginary landscapes. A world in movement, sometimes gentle, sometimes furious. Seascapes that capture the movement of the sea, without further ornamentation, as the minimal dynamic unit that defines it. They are drawn using only pencil on conservation paper and extend towards a non-existent horizon, describing the smooth kinetics of the surface that bely the vast mass of underlying water in movement.


High resolution pigment ink on cotton paper

60 x 60 cm
Same size as original

Edition What is a Neoseries?
Open edition. Produced on demand
Certificate of authenticity included

Price on request

Work from

Marcos Isamat

Marcos Isamat destaca como artista por sus dibujos a lápiz y su versatilidad de tonos. Emplea la escala 6B a 4H para componer todo tipo de paisajes, retratos y naturaleza. Busca patrones y simetrías que replica a lo largo de sus cuadros, haciendo que el conjunto de trazos muestre una sintonía común. Este es el caso de Espejismo, una Neoserie editada por Santa & Cole Arte.  


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Marcos Isamat, 2018

Neoseries 170 x 105 cm

Reflejos 1

Marcos Isamat, 2020

Neoseries 120 x 80 cm

Reflejos 2

Marcos Isamat, 2020

Neoseries 180 x 120 cm


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