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Mujer con sombrilla

Mujer con sombrilla

Masters Neoseries

At the beginning of 1913 Robert Delaunay, who had enjoyed earlier success at various Salons in the French capital, travelled to Berlin with his poet friends Apollinaire and Blaise Cendrars to take part in the Erster Deutscher Herbstsalon at the Der Sturm gallery. The work he showed at the exhibition, organised by Herwarth Walden, was a Woman with a Parasol combining Cubist fragmentation and superimposition of planes with the use of colour.

Robert Delaunay was one of the first to react against the chromatic monotony of analytical Cubism and to advocate “pure painting” and the importance of colour in painterly practice. “Line is limitation. Colour gives depth (not perspective, not successive, but simultaneous) both its form and movement.”

It should not be forgotten that Robert started out as an artist with an Impressionistic style and that the very title — Woman with a Parasol— brings to mind Impressionist paintings by Monet or Renoir. Also, it is impossible not to relate the colouring and geometrical pattern of the figure’s dress to Sonia, who dressed the modern woman in geometrical designs of coloured circles.


High resolution pigment ink on cotton paper


85 x 121 cm

Same size as original

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Next unit for sale No. . 2

Open edition. Produced on demand

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Robert Delaunay

Robert Delaunay was a French painter. Together with his partner, Sonia Delaunay, they were pioneers of abstract art and creators of simultanism. He abandoned cubism, with its geometric shapes and monochromatic colours, to embark on a new style, Orphism, which focused on circular shapes and bright colours and has also been called abstract cubism or rayonism.

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The Thyssen-Bornemisza National Museum is a Madrid art gallery exhibiting the works of old and modern masters. It owes its existence to the lease agreement (1988) and the subsequent acquisition by the Spanish Government (1993), of the most valuable core of the private collection built over seven decades by the Thyssen-Bornemisza family.


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