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Poder, economía y valores

Carles Comas

Poder, economía y valores

Carles Comas


Carles Comas

Carles Comas Giralt has a degree in Philosophy and Theology, and a PhD in Economics from the University of Barcelona. He has been a lecturer at ESADE since it opened in 1959, where his courses have included Economy and History of Socioeconomic Thinking. He also taught Economy and Development at the Central American University in Managua for ten years, where he holds an honorary doctorate, and was a director and researcher at the Interdisciplinary Science Institute of Barcelona from 1973 to 1983.

Comas has published numerous essays and articles about the clash between economic rationality and mythical thinking, including Estudio político-sociológico sobre la conveniencia del socialismo en un país económicamente avanzado; Aspiraciones socialistas y economía desarrollada; La muerte de los mitos y de las ideologías: ¿Qué hacer?, and Mito y fe cristiana.

Spanning many years of teaching and containing particularly pertinent social and political analysis, this book on power, economy and values is perhaps his most in-depth and far-reaching work to date.

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| 2016

This book is based on the notes of taught given to business students over several
decades. It draws a comparison between human power and its institutions, seeking
 to show the company’s role in the troubled history of our development as a species.
The book begins with the vicissitudes of political power in antiquity, followed by
the highs and lows of economic power from the Middle Ages to the 18th century, with a detailed discussion of the merits and abuses that both gave rise to. Lastly, the author analyses the emergence and development of the individualism that is inherent to economic liberalism, in addition to the modern day rise of the community spirit. Carles
Comas argues that because political and economic powers emerged to fulfill irreplaceable social functions of order and development, they would be
very hard to remove. Instead, he advocates the progressive solutions
 of placing institutional limitations on them, underpinned by values of solidarity.
Written in everyday language with a wealth of references and a didactic structure, each chapter ends with a summary of its meaning and how it fits into the wider context. For these and other reasons, Poder, economía y valores  is a must read for anyone interested in such urgently required sociopolitical analysis.


ISBN: 978-84-936162-8-1
Carles Comas – 2016
Paperback, 26 cm x 20 cm / 10.24″ x 7.87″
649 pp

Santa & ColeESADE

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