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Miguel Milá


Miguel Milá |


Miguel Milá

Miguel Milá, an interior designer, inventor and bricoleur, and a pioneer in his field in Spain, began working in the 1950s. With objects, resources and raw materials hard to come by at that time, Milá started designing his own furniture and lamps and soon set up his own company, Tramo (from the Spanish Tra-bajos Mo-lestos, ‘Annoying Jobs’). Many of his pieces have become true contemporary classics. In 2016, the Spanish Ministry of Education and Culture in Spain awarded him the Gold Medal for Merit in Fine Arts. He has won numerous ADI awards (Barcelona), the first Spanish National Design Award (tied with André Ricard), and the ADI Compasso d’Oro for Lifetime Achievements.

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Premio ADI-FAD 1962

Premio ADI-FAD 1962

ADI FAD, the Industrial Design Association and Promotion of Art and Design, a reference centre for industrial design in Europe, promotes creative culture by organising the prestigious Delta Awards for Industrial Design. The aim of the Delta Awards is to highlight the excellence of design and emphasize its importance as a tool for generating wealth in an industrial economy.

Floor lamps

In a flourish of formal serenity and functional efficacy, Miguel Milá cleverly separated the three basic components of any lamp: the structure, the electrical parts and the shade. The light source rotates around the shaft and can be raised or lowered like a flag on a mast.

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Delivery within 2 to 4 weeks

Dimension plane



Cherry, beech, walnut, natural oak or black oak wood structure.
Rotating height-adjustable lampshade in white (optional upper diffuser in white translucent methacrylate - for energy saving bulbs only) or beige parchment.
The lampshade is delivered with cable, bulb socket and fastening system to the structure.
The light is switched on/off by pulling softly from the cable.

Light sources

Recommended light source (not included):
LED bulb: 11W.
E.E.C. D.

Other light sources: Max. 100 W
Input voltage: 100, 120, 230 Vac.
(50 Hz / 60 Hz). Según destino.
Lamp holder: E26 (Max. height 125 mm / 4.9″)

Available modifications

Base: metalic. Available in different finishes.

We offer the possibility of adapting our products to the requirements of your contract project, modifying them to your needs. All customisations shall be studied upon request respecting the minimum quantity required. Contact us for customisations inqueries.

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    Beige parchment

    White parchment

    White parchment with diffuser

    Cherry wood cross

    Beech wood cross

    Natural oak wood cross


    Black oak wood cross

    Walnut wood cross

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